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Raw Edibles: Really Special Brownies (Paleo & Vegan too!)

“Fake it ’til you make it.” It’s a piece of advice my mom used to dole out whenever I’d lost confidence. You could say I was raised with a fake it ’til you make it mentality. For better or for worse, I’ve spent my fair share of time doing things I wasn’t quite qualified to do. I’ve bullshitted(?) my way through discussions that I had no business participating in. And…

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The Wake & Bake Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Finding the perfect gift for the cannabis enthusiast on your list can be a bit challenging. It’s not like Best Buy is stocked to the gills with the newest in cannabis gadgetry. Heck… in most states, you still can’t legally grab your dope loving granny a dime bag to stuff in her stocking. Here are some of the coolest products I’ve seen in cannabis online this year (2015). Some of…

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Cannabis Infused Pumpkin Pie (No Bake!)

cannabis infused pumpkin pie

Methinks it’s time to start planning our Danksgiving menu for this year. For the farmer and I, Danksgiving marks the beginning of a time we look forward to all year: Fatmas. Fatmas is our made-up food holiday that goes from the “don’t feel bad about indigenous genocide… because hey, they gave us that corn and shit so they were kinda asking to be shipped off to the shittiest tracks of land and stripped of their…

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DIY FAUX-RIA: a Homemade Sprayable Cannabis Lube Recipe

Today, I noticed that many of you pop on this site looking for a homemade Foria recipe. I guess the internet probably shows you the Wake & Bake site because I posted that DIY Weed Lube tutorial up awhile back. But that’s not what you’re looking for… now is it? You’re looking for something liquid, sprayable, and infused with cannabis. You’re looking for that thing from that article titled, “I got…

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Cannabanana Bread

This cannabis-infused, gluten free/vegan optional, no-added-sugar banana bread is currently topping the list of my favorite things. It’s so tasty and the texture is incredible. But the best thing about it? It feels so good afterwards. There’s no processed sugar, wheat or dairy in the recipe (unless you want to use it and it’s what you have on hand… feel free to substitute). In my humble opinion, most edibles are…

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How to Make Cannabis Coconut Oil: Make this Easy, Healthy and Potent Cannaoil at Home

coconut oil cannabis straining

When I want to make really potent, really healthy edibles or topicals, this cannabis coconut oil is my go-to infusion. It’s the most popular recipe here on Wake + Bake and it’s the basis of all of the recipes in Wake & Bake: a cookbook. Instead of making a bunch of different butters and tinctures, you just make this cannabis infused coconut oil (lovelingly dubbed “green monster oil” in the book),…

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