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Pot Tarts: Cannabis Infused Toaster Pastries

So after I shared my healing with cannabis story yesterday, I really wanted to switch things up and post something totally unrelated. Gluten-Free, Vegan Pot Tarts, Anyone? I have a few friends who were also overweight growing up and we used to sit around and share our secret “fatty tendencies”. Such as: eating the chocolate all round the Kit Kat, then breaking apart the wafers in layers and eating them individually. making…

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Raw Edibles: Really Special Brownies (Paleo & Vegan too!)

“Fake it ’til you make it.” It’s a piece of advice my mom used to dole out whenever I’d lost confidence. You could say I was raised with a fake it ’til you make it mentality. For better or for worse, I’ve spent my fair share of time doing things I wasn’t quite qualified to do. I’ve bullshitted(?) my way through discussions that I had no business participating in. And…

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Vegan Edibles: Cannabis Infused Almond Laced Cookies

When it comes to the holidays, the farmer and I absolutely cannot agree. He wants to celebrate Fatmas with gifts and traditional holiday food (see: regular Christmas), and I want to celebrate Fatmas by making a bunch of super healthy food, no gift giving, and sitting in silence like a bunch of quakers. His way is probably more fun and is probably more in line with the original philosophy behind Fatmas. Because of…

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Easy Edibles Recipe: Gingerbread Truffles

After yesterday’s Gingerbread Snack Bar post, I feel like going all sorts of gingerbread on your asses to gear up for the impending holiday. “But how much gingerbread stuff could you have possibly put weed in?” you ask… Guys, I’ve put cannabis in a shit ton of gingerbread stuff. I’ve found that gingerbread goes excellent with the flavor of cannabis infused coconut oil and have made gingerbread coconut ice cream,…

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Gingerbread Snack Bars (Vegan, Gluten Free, Cannabis Infused)

Goood Monday everyone! If you’re like me, you’re currently a little on the broke side and you’re trying to keep yourself busy while cyber Monday deals come flying at your face all day. Sure, I couldn’t think of anything better than getting a new computer (the one that I’m typing on now… the one that brings you all of this fabulous content and that cranked out four books last year… is literally…

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Cannabis Infused Pumpkin Pie (No Bake!)

cannabis infused pumpkin pie

Methinks it’s time to start planning our Danksgiving menu for this year. For the farmer and I, Danksgiving marks the beginning of a time we look forward to all year: Fatmas. Fatmas is our made-up food holiday that goes from the “don’t feel bad about indigenous genocide… because hey, they gave us that corn and shit so they were kinda asking to be shipped off to the shittiest tracks of land and stripped of their…

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Making Cannabis Oil in a Mason Jar

mason jar cannabis oil

I just wrote a post about cannabis oil dosage that was inspired by new friend Luke’s question last week. When he got back to me, he brought up something I was totally over the moon about and wanted to share with you guys. When I first started making crockpot cannabis oil, I really wanted it to be as simple as possible. I looked at every equation that wasn’t pot + oil…

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Cannabanana Bread

This cannabis-infused, gluten free/vegan optional, no-added-sugar banana bread is currently topping the list of my favorite things. It’s so tasty and the texture is incredible. But the best thing about it? It feels so good afterwards. There’s no processed sugar, wheat or dairy in the recipe (unless you want to use it and it’s what you have on hand… feel free to substitute). In my humble opinion, most edibles are…

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High Chai: Cannabis Infused Chai Tea

 Is it just me, or does every place in Denver straight up smell like weed? I pop out of a yoga studio—Weed. I walk down the street to grab a sammidge—Weed. I look around for a dispensary. Nothing in sight—but still— somehow— Weed. I’m in D-tropolis this weekend picking up some clones from the incredible La Contes Clone Bar, and I’m pretty sure there aren’t many cities in this world that…

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