Cannabis And Health: How Marijuana Healed Me

before and after marijuana

Do you think that healing with marijuana is possible? Not just as a pain reliever, but as a complete game changer?

As a way to get on the path to a healthy, active, and beautiful lifestyle…

If not, you’re the reason that I’m sharing my story today. If so, I hope it inspires you to keep going over every hurdle on your path. You can heal!

Life Before Weed

A couple of days ago, I had a deep feeling memory of a time when I was a completely different person. I actually felt what it was like to be back at my personal rock bottom.

There I was, loafed over on a green couch in an apartment behind the Olive Garden in Fargo, North Dakota. Unlimited breadsticks and that alfredo smell were some of the major appeals of the location. That night, I watched episode after episode of America’s Next Top Model, drinking one of those comically oversized bottles of Yellowtail Wine, popping a few Hydrocodone pills that I was prescribed for my chronic back pain, and chain smoking Misty 120 cigarettes. Yes… I was a classy ass multitasker back then.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen the nightmare that is America’s Next Top Model, but it’s not something you should watch in such a state. “Those bitches were born skinny and healthy,” I thought, “They were always able to walk gracefully in a straight line. Bitches.” I’d probably be in a wheelchair in a few years, since that’s what the doctors said. I’d probably have to have surgery too, since that’s what a specialist chimed in.

I remember feeling so alone that night. Most of my friends were avoiding me or had completely written me off because of my insane drunken behavior and constant crazy mood swings, so I was usually drinking alone at that time.

I was diagnosed with degenerative disk disease, scoliosis, and two herniated discs a few years earlier, but I’d been in pain for almost as long as I can remember. The scale fluctuated during my life, from bouts of weight watchers and diet pills, but I spent quite a bit of time at the 205-220 range (50-75 lbs heavier than I am today). All of the food I ate made me feel shitty anyway and I was consistently hungover, so I ate anything I wanted and would starve myself every now and again. It all felt so normal. But that night, and many other nights before that, I really wanted to die. 

Before & After 2

When I look back on the hopelessness and desperation that I felt back then, I wish someone would have been there to tell me that there was a way out, someone who wasn’t trying to sell me something or tell me all of these complicated things that I’ll need to do in order to get better. So I’m not trying to sell you anything or to tell you what to do. I’m just here to tell you that you can actually undergo a transformation. That you can heal. People do this in many different ways every day. My way just happens to involve cannabis… which is awesome. Yoga… which is awesomer. And a bangin’ diet… which is even better than awesome.

Enter: The Dankness


Every time I smoked weed up until I was about 23, I didn’t like it. I thought it made the pain worse and that it made me eat more and be lazier than I already was, so I didn’t do it very often. It wasn’t until I was living in my own apartment, and started buying weed did my true transformation begin. I would smoke and then I’d feel these things in my back where I usually felt nothing but pain. They felt like annoying tingles that wouldn’t go away. I had this uncontrollable urge to move, to do something about it. So I finally got off my ass and went on a walk.

It was the best fucking walk I’ve ever walked. And I give a ridiculous amount of gratitude for those first few miles of stoner wandering. I walked forever, until I was crazy tired and then I went home and didn’t eat a bunch of garbage and passed out. I woke up feeling like another person. So I got stoned again, and I walked. And then I got stoned again, and I walked. And walking became my whole world. I retired my vehicle because I couldn’t drive stoned, and I walked the four miles to school and back, the mile to the grocery store, the seven miles to where-the-fuck-ever. I walked everywhere. I started losing the weight. I finally had a glimpse of hope that my world could change.

But back then, I was still in fear and still in a lot of pain. My diet was improving naturally though. One other thing that those “annoying tinglies” did was tell me when food felt bad. If I got ripped and ate cookies… “annoying tinglies”. When I got ripped and ate salad (which was rare back then)… I felt free from the tingly demons.

Enter: Yoga


When I was 26, I started getting ripped and doing yoga on the bare wood floor of my bedroom. I did free videos I found online, and I only did it because I met a cool hot yoga chick. I too wanted to be a cool hot yoga chick. Doing yoga just came with the territory.

It wasn’t until I found Forrest Yoga, that my healing process really got some traction. In 2012, with very little experience, I jumped into a Forrest teacher training that completely changed my life. I realized that I didn’t need weed to feel the annoying tingles, and that feeling was actually a sign of stuck energy just dying to burst out of my body (duh). Sometimes the energy was yucky and sometimes it released joy into my body that I’d never experienced before. I learned how to breathe into parts of my body to promote healing and many other very valuable tools that have made me the person I’ve become. A person who wakes up every day knowing that change is possible and necessary. Evolve or die, if you will ;)

Enter: Weed & Food


I’d love to say that I’m completely healed, but that wouldn’t be the truth. I can walk and hike and do yoga, but I still deal with chronic pain issues that are dissolving over time as I put in the work and enjoy more and more of the food we grow and prepare ourselves. When the lovely farmer and I decided that we’d like to start growing cannabis (when it became legal here in CO), I started making edibles from our excess trim and larfy buds.

I made Wake & Bake, and the rest is history. Eventually, I found that eating those recipes with processed sugar didn’t work for me (especially in the amounts that you’re eating when you make a cookbook). In the upcoming Wake & Bake 2, I cut out most of the sugar and concentrated on hearty and savory vegan recipes like Hashed Taters and Notchyo Cheeze. It was an incredible, and incredibly full time around the farm.

These days, my favorite way to ingest cannabis is in the form of a green smoothie. It feels oh so good and is oh so high energy.

Weed smothie

I hope that maybe this long-ass-winded post helps anyone who may be struggling with pain to know that there is a way out. Every healing path is different and I my way is not for everyone. Just know that there’s A way.

Much love,


For Extra Special Brownie Points: How has marijuana assisted you on a path to healing?

Also… There’s an IndieGoGo campaign up for pre-orders of Wake & bake 2. Check it out and share it with your homies!



Weed Tea: High Chai

High! How are you? It’s high tea time here at Wake & Bake HQ and it’s about high time we talked about how to make a weed tea that will actually get you… well… high.

High Chai

The Ultimate Weed Tea

I generally loathe stoner puns, but sometimes, you just gotta. And for this High Chai recipe, I just hadta. I would promise I won’t do that ever again, but it’s highly doubtful that I’d keep my promise. Okay. I’m done.

Wake & Bake Cover

So! I’m now halfway through designing and editing the Second Edition of Wake & Bake: a cookbook (now available for pre-order in Hardcore Hardcover and Classic Softcover). I’m also about 1/3 of the way done with the completely new, gorgeous, low/no sugar Wake & Bake 2 that I mentioned in the post for Cannabis Infused Walnut Oil. Plus, the farmer asked for my hand in marriage last month when we were kickin’ it out in the wilderness. So, yes. Life is good, super sweet and flowing fast. When I finally checked my email and the comments section, I had so many questions and requests, that I snapped out of Finish the Damn Books mode into Respond to the Homies mode. And whabam! here we are.

A fella named George wanted to know where the High Chai recipe was that I talked about in the Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil Tutorial. Well, by George, you got me. I hadn’t posted it yet.

And I don’t know how I neglected it, because this cannabis infused tea is one of my favorite weed drinks and is a total must after making marijuana infused oil. The powerful spices completely enhance the flavor of the strong-as-hell oil that comes out of the plant material sack.

One of the great things about homemade chai is that it’s totally customizable to fit your taste buds (okay… seriously, I’m done). If you hate cardamom, add more ginger and cinnamon. Not into cloves? Add more ginger and cinnamon! Want it to have a stronger tea vibe? Add more ginger and cinna… oh… add more tea! (hint: ginger and cinnamon are rad)

This is also a great opportunity to share a page from the second edition… This is what High Chai is going to look like in the future:

cannabis infused chai teaIt’s similar to the first version of Wake & Bake, sure. But notice the easy-flowing, cook-friendly recipe experience. I don’t like looking back and forth between the ingredients and the instructions when I’m cooking. I want to know how much of what I have to put in and when. After talking to other chefs and home cooks about this at length, I found out that everyone else digs this instruction style too… So, voila! I’ve been so blessed to be able to make the changes that I wanted to make and add super fun new things to this edition. It feels more like my style and I’m so excited to finish it and release it into the world.

So… that’s that… I need to get back to wrapping this book up…. Thanks for all of your questions and comments! Keep ‘em comin’ :)

Much Love,


Here’s the recipe in a text based version for your copying and pasting pleasure:

High Chai

1. Combine

1.5 tspn Garam Masala

3 tspn Cinnamon

10 Cardamom Pods (crushed)

6 whole Cloves (crushed)

2-3 T fresh Grated Ginger

6 Cups Water

2. over med high heat and boil for 10-20 minutes.

3. Reduce heat to medium-low.

4. Add

Bag of Leftover Plant Material from GM oil 

6-7 Organic Black Tea Bags

5. Steep for 10-15 minutes.

6. Allow to cool enough so you can pull the cheesecloth bag out of the water and sqeeze out the remaining oil and tea.

7. Strain all spices. Add

1/4-1/2 Cup Nutmilk (full fat coconut milk is best)

and whisk insanely or hit it with an immersion blender (this will temporarily emulsify the oil).

Sweeten to taste. Re-emulsify as necessary.

High Chai Photo

Cannabis Oil Tutorial: Infused Walnut Oil

Infused Marijuana Oil

Scroll down for a savory Infused Cannabis Oil Tutorial, stay up here for a tale of what happens after a High Times Cannabis Cup:

What a weird f*ucking month.

I took ye lil cannabis cookbook to the Cannabis Cup in Denver on April 20th. In a little over 45 days, I scored a multi-book deal with Tommy Chong, moved to Denver, wrote over half of a new (super dank) cookbook, lost the deal with Tommy Chong, moved back to Durango, and planted a garden and a sick ass melon patch. Don’t worry guys. The melon queen is back.

I’m not sure if I’m legally allowed to discuss the Tommy Chong book deal disappearing in front of my eyes, but I will anyway because I’ve had one Sierra Nevada. I’ve told bigger and more illegal secrets after drinking 3/4 of a Sierra Nevada, so this feels natural.

I’ll start by saying that Mr. Chong really had nothing to do it, and neither did I. Tommy’s still my childhood hero who I deeply respect and will forever admire. And I’m still a chick who wrote a cookbook that he held in his hands (which is still delightful as hell).

From what I understand, he thought he was endorsing the one and only Wake & Bake, a book that someone suggested he put his face all up on. Instead, a third party signed me up to put his face on several books that weren’t approved by Mr. Chong. Apparently this person was trying to put Tommy Chong’s face on everything. When the Chong folks caught wind, they cancelled all of the contracts that were signed by this individual (and that included mine). The lesson: middle men can suck it.

I heard all of this today after living in the dark about what happened for several weeks. I’m not sure what will happen with the deal moving forward (someone contacted me today to discuss possibly reviving it). Either way, I’m glad that it’s over and that I get to settle back into my mundane life of making weed food and hiding in the woods.

cannabis leaf

The best part of all of this is that I’m close to finishing a second cannabis cookbook in less than a year. I’ll probably use Kickstarter again to launch Wake & Bake’s sequel… I’m thinking something like… Wake & Bake II: into dankness. This next level cookbook will be designed to show you how to simply incorporate advanced techniques into basic (vegan-ish, gluten-free, healthy-as-hell) recipes to make your cooking danker than ever…

So keep your eyes peeled for that sh*t to be copied and pasted all over the internet.

Until then, I’ll be posting recipes on here…

Like this one for Cannabis Infused Walnut Oil:

cooking with cannabis

*The magical folks at MagicalButter.com made one of my dreams come true and shortened up my Christmas list by sending me a hard-to-get Magical Butter machine that is designed to make cannabis oil infusing as simple and effective as possible. The machine was on back order when I started the cookbook, and they were wonderful enough to send me one in a hurry. It would be a lie if I said this thing didn’t change my life and that it wasn’t easier than the simple crockpot method that I used in the first book. If you make weed food on the reg, it’s a must have. I wasn’t paid to say this, but it is truly the shit. However, you can totally still use the easy crockpot method to make this Walnut Cannabis Oil.

This oil is by far the best one that I’ve found for savory recipes. It gets an “oh my god” from homies and testers every single time I open the jar. That being said, it’s a special oil that I don’t make very often because I have to order the MCT Oil on the internet and Walnut Oil is expensive as sh*t. But if you really want to impress some folks with your cannabis oil makin’, weed food creatin’ skills, or if you want to make the most bangin’ Pothead Pesto in the universe, you MUST try this oil.

I’ll talk more about why using Sunflower Lecithin is highly recommended in a post later on, but for right now, just trust that it takes your oil to the next level (think: higher/faster/longer). The MCT oil is not completely necessary, but it provides the fatty acids that your CBDs and THC bind to in your cannabis oil, so I recommend using it as well. If you can’t wait to try this, you can use 100% walnut oil, but I can’t guarantee that it will be as potent. I’m going to try subbing the MCT with coconut oil someday, and when I do, I’ll let you know how that goes.

Also, you should always decarboxylate your weed before you make oil. It takes a couple of hours and an oven, but it’s a really really really good idea.


  • 1.5 Cups Walnut Oil
  • .5 Cups Coconut MCT Oil (highly recommended… if not available use 2 cups Walnut oil)
  • 2 t Sunflower Lecithin (highly recommended)
  • 8-14 grams of Organic Cannabis Trim


  1. Weigh or measure your trim. 7 grams (1/4 oz) of my dry trim is about 1 cup. 4 grams (a little over an 1/8th) = 1/2 cup.marijuana trim

  2. Combine all ingredients in Magical Butter machine or Crockpot (on Low).

  3. If using a crockpot, stir that sh*t every once in awhile and let it do its thing for about 2 hours. If using the MB machine, hit the oil button at 160 degrees. Set that sh*t and forget that sh*t. cannabis oil

  4. Strain using cheesecloth and a strainer or a Purify filter.how to infuse oil with weed

And there you have it! Let me know what you’re going to use this oil for… or tell me some recipes you’d love to see using this walnut cannabis oil. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

Much Love,


*This recipe is not intended for use in states where marijuana is still considered illegal. Please support medical and recreational cannabis legalization in your state. Do not operate heavy machinery under the influence of weed food (and yes… that includes your tiny a** honda). Always remember to label anything made with dope and keep out of reach of children.

My Mom Asks: Is Hash Marijuana?

Things My Mom Asks Me About Weed: So… Is Hash Marijuana?

is hash marijuana

My phone beeps and flashes mid-morning. I swipe and tap on the screen until a text message from my mom pops up: “So.. is hash marijuana?”

A few weeks ago, I wrote the first TMMAMAW. I answered Deb’s question about the side effects of marijuana. I have to say that getting texts like this from my mom about sticky icky gets more exciting every time.

With the industry-wide debate about concentrates still raging on, specifically BHOs*, I think it’s a perfect time to share a short history of concentrated cannabis while we get this whole hash marijuana thing sorted out.

*Don’t worry ma, you don’t have to know what a BHO is… we’ll get there.

To quickly answer your question:

Is hash marijuana? Yes… kinda.

A Short-ish History of Hash-ish

hash marijuanaHash probably originated in Morocco and has been produced there since the 15th century. And it’s been showing up in every nation and geographic region where cannabis has been grown ever since. China was into it at one time. The Persians were all about it. The Northern Indians are still stoked on it. And now… America has a legion of dedicated dabbers, torching up their oil rigs and saying things like “Imma dab my day away” (but that all comes later).

The word Hashish comes from حشيش in ye ole Arabic. And that word looks a lot more eastern and progressive than watching your roommate take hot knife hits on an electric stove. That shit’s just trashy.

One of the reasons that hash is so prevalent and has such a pervasive past is because it’s one of the most potent, profitable, and portable ways to convert your trim into product. And that shit’s just an alliteration.

What Is Hash Made Out Of?

Hash is a product that consists of trichomes, specifically the tippy top of the trichome (the resin gland). Trichomes are the crystal-y stuff that is all over your good weed.

In Colorado, trichomes look like this:

is hash marijuana

In Prohibition States, they look like this:

what is hash

Those trichomes are as unremarkable as the DEA’s attempt to keep that brick weed out of this country. Zing!

How Is Hash Made?

The plant material is processed and discarded and the trichomes are isolated using a solvent or non-solvent process.

Bubble Hash is one example of a Non-Solvent process. Photo by 420 Magazine.

Bubble Hash is one example of a Non-Solvent process. Photo by 420 Magazine.

Non-Solvent Extraction

A non-solvent process means that you physically separate the trichomes from the plant material. This includes the ancient technique of rubbing buds in your hands until the hash is thick enough to scrape off of your palms and fingers. This “finger hash” is rolled into balls.  Dry sieve hash and bubble hash also fall under this category.

Extracting Hash Using Solvents

While THC does not dissolve in water, it does bind to lipids (edibles), can be extracted using alcohol (tinctures) and reacts to chemical extraction using solvents. Hash Oil (Honey Oil) is commonly made using C02 or Butane. From what I understand, CO2 extraction is more expensive and an arguably cleaner way to make hash oil. It’s generally used in commercial settings. Most of the solvent-extracted concentrates on the open market are made by “Blasting” cannabis with butane, creating hash “Oil” “Wax” and “Shatter.”

We’re now entering the modern world of the dabber. The culture behind dabs is a phenomenon, and the process of making them really makes you wonder about stoner ingenuity. And while there’s enough pro-dab rhetoric online to make someone dizzy, it’s difficult to find much empirical evidence to back up claims made about the neo-hash that’s only really been around since the early 2000′s.

is hash marijuana


I realize that many will not like to hear what I have to say about this (somehow touchy) subject, and might feel defensive when reading the comparison of the BHO setup to a meth lab*.  But, just hear me out. I’m not trying to be alarmist, and I think people should be able to do whatever they want. I just think that most people, my mom included, deserve to be informed about the aspects of butane extracted products that seem to get marginalized in this discussion. Please feel free to share your opinion in the comments section (but remember, my mom reads this, so be nice and express yourself with dignity).

*An Easy Bake Oven version of a meth lab, but a meth lab nonetheless.



making bho

A small-scale BHO setup

Butane is a neurotoxin: While most concentrate creators swear that their final product is purged completely of all butane, there are very few that undergo tests that would verify that claim. Most hash oil makers do so in their own kitchens with little more than a case of high grade butane, and a step-by-step tutorial from the internet.

It takes a village meth lab: According to a popular forum on making BHO Shatter, you too can create an exiting, potentially explosive, Walter White-esque Hash Kit using common items from Bed Bath and Beyond…

  • —2 pyrex pans, one small enough to fit comfortably in the other.
  • —glass extraction tube ask any glassblower to make one, theyll know what it is and there only around 30$ if you cannot find a glass on to buy, then get a stainless steel turkey baster from Bed bath beyond, or wal-mart
  • - vector butane (need the attachment in the cap) use whatever attachment fits ur tube(or any other butane that passes the mirror test(spray tane on mirror, let evaporate, if theres a stinky white film the tanes not safe to blow errl with)
  • —10 grams to a half oz of good weed or trim(or enough to pack the tube so there isnt ANY AIR POCKETS but not hard enough to where you get a blowback.(just blow through and makes sure its not so tight the air cant escape)
  • —coffee filter(un-bleached work well) double up and (triple up if your blasting hash or kief)
  • –rubber band
  • –bandanna or towel
  • –thermometer(laser thermometers work extremely well for this)

Fracking like Battlestar?: The high quality butane that is needed for this process is rare and is derived from either oil or natural gas. Is it possible that the butane you’re using has been mined using  ”unconventional mining techniques” like fracking? I’ve spent hours down the rabbit hole trying to find the data that may paint a more complete picture. I know that one of the least expensive, high grade butane products comes from Asia, specifically South Korea. I find it kind of interesting that we’re importing natural gas from a nation that is considered “energy poor” in the first place (natural gas is $14/gal there vs $2.50/gal here) , but doesn’t it seem a little ironic to use it to make a cannabis concentrate that, at best, has a 5-10% higher thc percentage per gram? To me, there’s a tinge of arrogance to it, like peeing in drinking water (which is that clear stuff in your toilet). There’s also a tinge of wtf, like being able to set your tapwater on fire (which is what happens when you frack).

I’m 100% positive that there are folks out there who are talented, experienced and intelligent enough to effectively purge all of the butane out of the final product. I’m positive. But… I’ve also seen online forums filled with people who have no idea what they’re doing, getting ready to take some dabs and make some wax to sell to the general public.

It’s not a popular stance to take in the industry, but when given the choice, I’ll pass on ze dabs. The argument that butane is in hairspray and cheap vegetable oil doesn’t really reach me. When I smoke cannabis, I’m never trying to reach the next high. I don’t need anything to knock me on my ass and I don’t want to ingest anything unless I’m completely sure of what’s in it. Call me a square, just don’t call me late for dinner.

 Okay… it’s clear that not all marijuana hash is created equal, but it is always derived from the cannabis plant. The only type of hash is marijuana hash. And there you have it ma!

Much Love,



For Special Brownie points: Do you make hash? Have you ever tried hash? Has your mom ever asked you “is hash marijuana?”


Pot Cocoa = Hot Cocoa With Pot in it

4 ingredients

When I first posted this recipe, I must have been ripped as hell. I was yammering on about Mayans and Pan-Europeans and cracker-ass-crackers… and it didn’t make any sense at all. Not in the slightest.

Well, folks… Now I’m re-writing it… and again, I’m ripped as hell. So I’m not making any promises about quality improvement. Or sense making ability. What I will promise, is that this Pot Cocoa is the shit.

It’s been awhile since I’ve made it, since this is a rewrite and all, but I remember that it was Hot Cocoa that had marijuana in it. And when I tasted it, the green light over my dome went off and thought “this recipe pun writes itself”.

So make it. Write something down. Make it again. And go back to that thing you already wrote down. Say, “screw that shit. I can do better.” And then prove yourself wrong.


3/4 Cup Nut Milk or Milk
1T High Quality Cocoa Powder
1 T Sugar or Honey
1t- 1T Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil or Butter


1. Mix Cocoa + Sugar in a mug.pot cocoa

2. Combine Cannabis Oil or Butter and Nut Milk or Milk.pot hot chocolate

3. Heat over medium until oil is melted and milk is hot (do not boil).
Optional: Whisk before adding Cocoa mix.cannabis oil in milk

4. Add Cocoa Mix to Hot Milk Mixture.weed oil sugar cocoa

5. Whisk until frothy and creamy. Add more sweetener or cocoa to taste.whisk cannabis oil and milk

6. Serve immediately. Stir occasionally to keep the oil from separating.pot chocolate

And all together now (for your copying and pasting pleasure)…


3/4 Cup Nut Milk or Milk
1T High Quality Cocoa Powder
1 T Sugar or Honey
1t- 1T Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil or Butter


1. Mix Cocoa + Sugar in a mug.
2. Combine Cannabis Oil or Butter and Nut Milk or Milk.
3. Heat over medium until oil is melted and milk is hot (do not boil).
Optional: Whisk before adding Cocoa mix.
4. Add Cocoa Mix to Hot Milk Mixture.
5. Whisk until frothy and creamy. Add more sweetener or cocoa to taste.
6. Serve immediately. Stir occasionally to keep the oil from separating.

For Special Brownie Points: What’s your favorite winter pot recipe?

Much Love,

XoXo Corinne

*This recipe is not intended for those who live in states and nations where cannabis is still illegal. Please support decriminalization and legalization efforts in your area. Always test the potency of your oil before incorporating it in these recipes. Remember to label your finished product and keep out of reach of children.

Baking With Cannabis: Special Brownie Bites


“You’re special. You’re like a unique snowflake with an intricate pattern, doing a distinct dance. You special little snowflake, you.” –Wake & Bake: a cookbook

In the book, after I call you a special snowflake, I go on to tell you all sorts of cool stuff about your DNA. But I’m not going to do that here, because that would be plagiarizing.

However, speaking of snowflakes, I hear that most of the country is experiencing one of the coldest winters in history (or in awhile). I don’t know anything about that because in my little corner of Colorado, we’ve had creepily beautiful weather this winter, and I haven’t checked the weather in over a month. Same old sixty degree days. Sun keeps shining all of the time. I might break out into some mad John Denver if it keeps on.

I’m not trying to rub it in your face or anything, I’m just trying to stick with the theme of this blog post… which was???

[Hit "Continue Reading" to get back on topic and for the Recipe & Method]


That you’re special! And every winter is special! And my winter can be awesome, but that doesn’t make yours any less awesome, even if your shit is covered in 6 feet of snow and it’s 30 below… and I’m going hiking today.

Okay guys, maybe I am gloating a little. But give me a break. I spent 6 years in Fargo, North Dakota. SIX. years… in a place that people only make jokes about. And the only jokes are either wood chipper or winter weather themed.

It’s about time I know what outside feels like for more than three months a year. And I finally live in a place where people say things like “You’re so lucky to live there.” Shit yes I am.

But brownies were the first edible I ever ate in that cold, dark city, with its high train track mortality rate, and its unmistakable collective drinking problem. Fargo’s where I started smoking weed. It’s where I started writing.


Every day, I would get back from school, grab my beloved bong (Edna) out of the fridge, and write scripts for things like the feature film Stoner Zombies, and the Corinne’s Game Emporium commercial.

And those days, however shitty and wintery, however drunken and frostbitten, well, they were still special.

Here’s a recipe for some Special Brownie Bites. May your day be special, and may you eat these warm brownies straight from the oven and look back fondly on those old, cold and shitty times.

Much Love,


For extra Special Brownie Points: What was your first edible experience?

*This recipe is not intended for those who live in states and nations where cannabis is still illegal. Please support legalization efforts in your area. Always test the potency of your oil before incorporating it in these recipes. Remember to label your finished product and keep out of reach of children.


Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 1.15.07 PM

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 1.15.25 PM

Baking With Cannabis: Snickerdoodles



Sorry everyone! After I posted that sweet Snickerdoodles recipe this morning, and after I shared it with everyone, I went and accidentally deleted the entire Wake & Bake website.

Yes. I did that.

No. I was not baked.

It would have been more understandable if I was. The website is back up and running, but I lost all of the content from the newly founded Wake & Bake blog. It was a bummer, and I’m sorry about pushing a Snickerdoodle recipe on you and then pulling it out from underneath you ten minutes later.

So, while I don’t have the original post, I’m going to try and recreate it. Right here. Right now. It’ll be something like Tribute, by Jack Black.

This is not, the greatest post in the wo-orld.


This is just a tribute.

I crashed the site that held the greatest post in the wo-orld.


And this is a tri-ibu-uuute.

So, last night (pre-disaster), I talked to Larry Love on the entertaining and informative Medical Marijuana Radio. That guy is fan.tastic. He asked me for my favorite cannabis cookie recipe, and radio listeners around the globe got to listen to crickets chirp, and hear me mumble things about how hard it is to pick that kind of thing, until finally… I flipped through the book and landed on the infamous Snickerdoodle.

It’s my go-to when I’m baking with cannabis or without cannabis. What can I say? I was conceived, gestated and raised in the midwest where the Snickerdoodle is king… then I moved to Colorado and started putting weed in my food.

The Joy of Cooking (via Wikipedia) claims the word Snickerdoodle came from the bastardization of the German word Schneckennudeln, meaning “snail noodles.”

And doesn’t that shit sound appetizing?

Well, we’ve skipped the snails and added the giggles to these “Special” Snickerdoodles. Enjoy!

(The Green Monsta Oil is a cannabis infused coconut oil that I’ll be reposting soon. Until then, you can substitute any infused oil or butter)

cannabis snickerdoodle recipe

For some Special Brownie Points: What’s your favorite cannabis cookie?

*Disclaimer: This recipe is not intended for use in places where cannabis is still an illegal substance. Please support legalization efforts in your state or country. Always test the strength of your oil or butter. Always label your finished product.