Not Baking with Cannabis: Really Special Brownies

Not Baking with Cannabis: Really Special Brownies

pot brownies

“Fake it ’til you make it.”

It’s a piece of advice my mom used to dole out whenever I’d lost confidence. You could say I was raised with a fake it ’til you make it mentality. For better or for worse, I’ve spent my fair share of time doing things I wasn’t quite qualified to do. I’ve bullshitted(?) my way through discussions that I had no business participating in. And I’ve put myself way way out there (like that one time when I made a book, and another book, and another one) before I even knew What TF I was doing. I think it all comes down to this one piece of advice.


Remember that one time, when I said that THESE were the best special brownies that I’d ever made in my entire life? Well… that was completely true at the time. The caveat: they were only the second special brownies I’d ever made, and the first ones were created with a Betty Crocker mix like 6 years ago. I’ve never been a brownie person. Even when I was a fat kid, I preferred finer delicacies like salted butter on pop tarts or an entire package of Oreo fillings to satisfy my sweet (gross) tooth.

So, why did I say they were the best I’d ever made, like I just whip up brownies on the reg?

I was faking it.

But, my oh my, brothers and sisters… We have arrived. When it comes to brownies, I’m calling it. We’ve finally made it. And guess what, these brownies are faking it too.


These brownies are adapted from a recipe at Fork & Beans that has been haunting me lately (halloween recipe pun!). Last night, I tossed these together as an offering of gratitude to the farmer for being incredible and supportive and delightful and handsome and for chopping and stacking the wood AND making dinner. What a champ.

The joke around the homestead is that I can’t cook/bake/food process/grow/stretch anything without taking a picture of it. I silently vowed that these brownies would just be for eating so I could say, “Neener neener. I made these brownies specifically for normal human consumption”.

But you know what guys?

I was faking it.

Because these special brownies are magical AND beautiful, and there was just no way that I wasn’t going to put these things on a tree stump with good lighting and go to town.DSC_0034

These really special brownies are everything I love in a dessert: super fast, insanely easy, crazy healthy, chocolate, and no bake. They’re even (dare I say it?) raw. A word to the wise, macadamia nuts are damned expensive ’round these parts. But I get organic cashew pieces in bulk for about $5/lb (about $2/cup) so I’d rather sub out the macadamia nuts for more soaked cashews. I order Raw Cacao Powder at Vitacost when there’s a big sale going or when I have a coupon burning a hole in my pocket, on and stock up on organic sweetners (especially Maple) around the holidays when they’re marked down for holiday baking time. Now that you know for sure that you never want to enter a grocery store with me, unless you also love spending a ridiculous amount of time doing price per ounce calculations, it’s time to make some…

Raw Cannabis Infused Special Brownies

1. PREP! Line a loaf pan (for fatty brownies) or an 8×8 pan (for thin brownies) with parchment paper. Soak:

1 cup Organic Raw Cashew Pieces

1 cup Macadamia Nuts (or more Cashews)

for 2 hours.

2. Combine in food processor until crumbly:

the Soaked Cashews and Macadamia Nuts
3 T Walnuts

3. Add:

1 cup Oat or Almond Flour

½ cup Raw Cacao or Cocoa Powder

3-4 Diglet or Medjool Dates (chopped)

2 T Maple Syrup (or honey or agave)

2 t Coconut Oil

4. Process until ingredients form into a smooth dough.

5. Press the dough into your prepped loaf or 8×8 pan.

6. In a blender, combine ganache ingredients:

2/3 cup Raw Cacao Powder or Cocoa Powder

1/3 cup Maple Syrup, Honey or Agave

¼ Cup Green Monster Oil (cannabis infused coconut oil)

7. Pour Ganache over your “brownie dough” and sprinkle with:

Chopped Cacao Nibs or Chocolate Chips

Chopped Walnut Pieces

8. Chill for 20 minutes, until firm enough to slice. Serve immediately. Store in an airtight container in the freezer for long-term storage.

Serves 12 depending on the strength of your cannabis infused oil. This recipe contains 12 teaspoon servings or 4 Tablespoon servings of infused oil. Please see the post on dosage for more information and always test the strength of your oil before using it in recipes.


I’m sure you’re wondering if there’s a moral to this blog post about special brownies that would probably just be about special brownies if couch therapy rates fit into the budget of a self-employed writer. Well, since you asked…

When I was young and I thought I couldn’t do anything well, that I couldn’t focus or commit, that I couldn’t get people to see who I really was, that everything I did was sub-par, my mom would tell me to fake it until I made it. And the shit you’re told as a child sinks in deep. It’s taken nearly 30 years, but I think I finally understand what she meant by it. Faking it doesn’t mean that you have to pretend that you’re better than you are, that you know more than you do, or that you can do things you know nothing about until you get to do the things you love and become the person you want to be.

Faking it just means keeping your shit together and moving forward. It just means taking stock of whatever it is that you love and whatever it is that you want in this life and keeping it together. When haters start to hate and trolls downvote your shit on Reddit… Keep doing your thing. And when you get bored or lose faith or get uncomfortable and insecure… Keep doing your thing. Faking it doesn’t mean you have to nod in agreement when you have no idea about analytics, or smile when you’re sad, or talk about how awesome your life is on social media when you really feel like something’s not right.

It means that there are times when you’re responsible for manufacturing your own confidence.

Whatever you have to do to get it or wherever you have to look for it, faking it means finding confidence when that nagging critic in your dome says, “you suck” or “you can’t” or “you’ll never.”

And that’s today’s life lesson from someone who writes about marijuana snickerdoodles and takes three hours to pick out a printer… So how exactly am I going to tie this all together, you ask?

Go make this Really Special Brownie recipe! You may have to fake it (but you definitely won’t have to bake it) before you make it.

VOILA! Full circle ;)

special brownies

So! Now that you’re all crazy inspired by my words of wisdom, go make some “brownies”. After you do that, don’t forget enter the 12 Blaze of Kushmas Giveaway (see the upper right hand corner of this post). You can win a bundle of all things Wake & Bake and can enter every day until the 22nd of December.

There’s also a sale going on for everything in the Wake & Bake store (including e-books, tank tops, Mrs. Rita Marley’s holiday cookbook and more!), and if you order soon, I can get everything out in time for your holiday gift-giving pleasure.

I just want to take a quick moment to say thank you to all of you for all of your questions and feedback this year. I absolutely LOVE doing this and I look forward to sharing more and more with you in the years to come.

Much love,


Cannabliss Ice Cream: Pumpkin Spice (Vegan)

Cannabliss Ice Cream: Pumpkin Spice (Vegan)

DSC_3202It’s been almost a year since I started this project. And when I sat down to write this post for this incredible Pumpkin Spice Cream, I was confronted by all of the mistakes and triumphs of creating this little cookbook and blog and I felt the need to write something today that didn’t sound like I was cheerleading for coconut ice cream or training for the Pun Olympics.

It’s delicious!

I-T-S delicious!

I-T-S DE-LIC-IOUS A-N-D it has weed in it!

I’ve got spirit, yes I do.

But fall is turning into winter, things have slowed down and sunk in, and all I want to do today is write something without exclamation points.  So I figured I’d write about what’s actually on my mind without sinking into blogger tone and talking about how AMAAAAAZING this ice cream is :) ;) <3 !


Before Wake & Bake began,

I was a contract writer and community development enthusiast trying to push something, anything, into existence. I wrote product descriptions and blog posts to get by as I tried to build an admittedly complicated interdependent food model in a small community in Colorado.


In hindsight, even when I was do-gooding my hardest, I was never really trying to fix the world or even to make it a better place. I just wanted to force it to make a little bit of sense. When I thought about food, resource management, the 99%, the new world order, paleo diets, etc., my mind started to short circuit. I couldn’t seem to grasp a single bit of truth or clarity, not down the rabbit hole or in the newspaper, not in history or food documentaries or in all of the self help on the shelf (except for Deepak and Tolle… because those dudes = legit).

For some reason, it all seemed set up for failure. The “American Dream” seemed distorted, undesirable and unattainable. To me, it all felt rigged.

After asking “Why?” for a while, you can’t help but come in contact with all of the things that are completely backwards on this planet. Some people go headlong into how to hone in our wasteful culture and fall in love with reducing, repurposing and recycling. Some make it their mission to stop air and water pollution, and send out emails upon emails about the Keystone pipeline and the EPA. Others see the world’s largest populations dealing with poverty, war and disease and set out to a faraway place where desperation goes to die. Some folks crash into the illuminati and bang their heads against the wall for a few years, going down every rabbit hole on youtube, reading Behold a Pale Horse and waking up feeling like they should probably buy some semi-automatic weaponry while there’s still time.

And some people get to food and hang out there. It’s one of the more enjoyable forms of truth in this world. While the food system is admittedly f*cked and completely ass-backwards, it’s something that you can actually take into your own hands and do something about. It’s a form of protest that comes with melons. And it’s beautiful. People who say growing your own food is hard must have never brought their own compostable containers for leftovers, sent out a mass environmental protest email, checked out the vaccine list you need to knock out before heading to Ghana, or looked into WTF the DIA is.

baby melon

“It’s like a form of protest that includes melons.”

When I landed at food,

I became convinced that if people started connecting with (growing) their own food, that things could be a lot less confusing and that people would finally have an opportunity to feel empowered. I set off to learn how to do that. That was almost four years ago and in the meantime, I’ve been taught to grow, harvest, and prepare more types of food than I knew existed.

If you’ve never grown food before, all I can say is that it’s one of those rare things in the world that still makes sense. I think that’s the reason that people sometimes have a hard time grasping some of the basic concepts of gardening and farming. In a world where nothing makes sense, the things that do, don’t. And that’s where we start to make things more complicated than they ought to be.

Sometimes that lesson takes a while to sink in. When you finally learn that you’re going to be a lifetime student when it comes to flora and fauna, that’s when this world starts to come into focus.

red amaranth


In an existence where we know we don’t know, where we can be curious and open to mystery, everything begins to makes sense. Order looks less complicated and more connected.  Your world grows bigger by getting smaller.

While working on Wake & Bake this past year, I started to feel like I wasn’t really helping anyone anymore. I wasn’t really showing anyone what was possible, what inspired me. I wanted to make a book that was fun. I wanted to break the living stigma that marijuana makes you lazy or dumb. I wanted to make something out of nothing. It sounded like a great idea. But lately, I’ve felt like starting this company was a job, and that my private life was private, and that growing food and standing up to “the man” had nothing to do with weed food. I started to feel like people just wanted me to tell them about how strong their cannabis oil would be if they used three handfuls of 8 month old shake from the back of their closet, a bundle of twigs and an eighth of chronic. It wasn’t very fulfilling, and I started thinking that it wouldn’t last much longer.

But then…

… seemingly out of nowhere, the parents started writing in. They asked questions about CBDs and shared stories about their children who experience hundreds of siezures a day with no relief from conventional medication. Doctors reached out to talk about their projects with children and their studies on rare debilitating disorders and the effect of cannabis on those disorders. While buying some Everclear to make a tincture, the man checking me out asked if it could possibly help his son who had a stroke when he was 11 and has been having seizures for the past five years.

And the answer is… I don’t know.

I don’t know.

But I am so. Damn. Curious.

I want to know what bringing this medicine back to the world will do. I want to know who it will help and how. I want to know about the studies, and your children, and I want to know how marijuana helped you heal. I want to seek data. I want to hear your stories, find answers to your questions, and I want to help share this information with the world.

And I still want to talk to you about growing. I want to show you how growing your own marijuana and your own food can connect you to the most powerful medicines known to man and to the undeniable truth of natural law. And I want to continue to share how to bring food and cannabis together, sometimes in a fun way, but ultimately in a way that can compliment and accelerate the healing process.

Get ready for Wake & Bake to take on a more meaningful role in this conversation.  I won’t be telling you how potent your oil might be (but here’s a post about figuring out dosage), and I may still use the occasional pun, but I want to hear from you about things that matter to you. So… what on God’s green backwards-as-hell-earth do you want to know about?

Let’s do this.

In the meantime…

this Pumpkin Spice coconut ice cream is AAAAAAHHHHMAZING!!!!!!!!!DSC_3203

Do it.

1. Line an 8X8 inch pan with parchment paper.

2. Shake up:

2 Cans of Full Fat Coconut Milk (not lite)

3. Open and pour the cans of coconut milk into the parchment lined pan.

4. Freeze for a few hours or overnight.

5. Using a knife, cut ¼ chunk of the frozen coconut milk out of the pan. If it got super frozen, leave it out to thaw for a half hour to an hour.

6. In a food processor, combine:

Frozen Coconut Milk Chunk

1/2 t vanilla

1-2 T Maple Syrup

Pinch or Two of Pumpkin Spice

2-3 T Pumpkin Puree

Pinch of Salt

1 t Cannabis Infused Oil (melted)*

6.a. Stir in optional chunky ingredients (chunks of chocolate/cookies/hot fudge swirl/etc.)

7. Once Smooth, pour into a small glass container. Immediately put in the freezer.

8. Every 10 minutes, stir until it gets firm enough to scoop out (about 30 minutes).

Serves: 1 depending on the strength of your oil. Test your dosage before using in recipes. This recipe contains 1 tsp servings of Green Monster Oil.


Much love,


Determining the Strength of your Cannabis Oil

Determining the Strength of your Cannabis Oil

how to dose cannabis

The most FAQ in the Wake & Bake inbox is always always:

“How strong will my cannabis oil be?”

I often get messages that say things like:

“If I put in three handfuls of shake that’s been in my closet for 6 months with some stems and leaves my friends gave me and an 1/8th of chronic, how strong will my oil be?”

There’s a simple answer to this question… I have no idea. There are too many variables involved for me to guess at whether or not your oil will require 1 teaspoon or 1 Tablespoon. The good news is… you get to find out!

For the purposes of the recipes on this blog and in Wake & Bake:

1 Serving = 1 teaspoon* of Cannabis Oil

*If you want to know how to determine the mg dose of your cannabis oil, see below.

But, odds are, your perfect serving won’t be exactly 1 teaspoon. So…

How Much Should I Take?

While dosing is a science, it’s not exact. Calculating the dosage depends on a variety of factors like:

  • purpose
  • tolerance
  • cannabis strain and storage

Purpose: In my experience, if you’re using edibles for daytime chronic pain relief or depression, and you have a strong desire to function, small doses of about 1/4-1/2 teaspoon taken throughout the day seem to be the most beneficial. If you’re using it to help you sleep, but don’t want to have the notorious weed food hangover (which is way better than that other kind of hangover… you just tend to be sleepy and less alert), starting with a teaspoon in a sleepy tea blend of valerian root, mint and chamomile and working up to the perfect dose worked very well for me. If you and your friends want to get really really baked for something like the Superbowl or a partay, 1/2 tablespoon-1 tablespoon of the peak harvest oil in my kitchen would really really do the trick.

Tolerance: Even if you smoke lots of marijuana, edibles can have a completely different effect on you. However, if you continue to eat edibles as a form of treatment (or recreationally), your tolerance will go up and you’ll have to adjust your dose accordingly.

Strain/Storage: I cook with the trim and LARF (small fluffy buds) that comes from the marijuana we grow organically in our own backyard, and my dosage changes when I use different material from different plants, harvest at different times, and use different methods. When I toss in some trim that wasn’t stored very well, it affects the dosage. So even though I know what my weed has been through and which lady it came from, I still don’t know exactly how strong it will make my oil until I try it.

The oil that is sitting in my kitchen right now is effective as a mild-moderate painkiller at 1/4 teaspoon and will put you to sleep for the night at around 1 teaspoon. The potency of your oil will vary. As a cannabis home cook, you’ll learn how to test your oil by using yourself as a human guinea pig. The key is starting with the lowest safe amount (1/4-1/2 teaspoon) and working your way up from there by taking another 1/4 teaspoon dose every hour or so until you get the desired effect. Once you know what the perfect serving size for the oil is, tweak the following recipes by adding more or less cannabis oil and increasing the use of regular coconut oil in each recipe. 


Determining THC Dosage in Milligrams

When you buy an edible in a store, it will have a measurement in mg. But how do they get that number?

It’s math time!

1 gram cannabis = 1000mg dry weight

On average, most marijuana strains contain about 10% THC. That would mean that out of 1000mg of dry weight, 100mg of that would be THC.

Sounds easy, right? For every gram of cannabis, you’d get a 100mg edible. Right? Well cowboy, hold your horses. Some strains of marijuana are much higher than 10% THC, and could increase the THC content of your edible exponentially.

Take this Skywalker OG…

skywalker strain

According to this genius website, Skywalker OG contains around 20% THC.

And this Maui Waui…

maui waui

She’s around 12% THC.

And this Mystery Nugget…

mystery cannabis photo

She could be anywhere from 10%-21% THC.

So… If we bake a big cookie using 1 gram of Skywalker OG, it would be approximately 200mg.

If we bake that same cookie using 1 gram of Maui, that cookie would be approximately 120mg.

And if we bake that cookie using 1 gram of mystery nugget, that cookie could be anywhere from 100-210mg.

If you get your cannabis from a dispensary, you’ll know exactly how potent your strain is and can dose your baked goods accordingly by doing a teeny tiny bit of math. If you grow your own or just don’t know, you’ll have to test it yourself before using in recipes. What a pity.

I hope that sheds some light on your questions about dosing! Please let me know if you have any more questions and I’ll update this post as we find new answers.


Much love,








Danksgiving Side: Herb-N-Herb Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Danksgiving Side: Herb-N-Herb Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

cannabis infused mashed potatoes, cannabis holiday recipes There’s no doubt about it. It’s (buh buh buhhhhhhhh) The Holidays. We’re only four days away from the feast day to end all feast days. Here at Wake & Bake HQ, that means we’ll be praising all of the gods of Danksgiving. After that we’ll slide right into Nap Friday. Before we know it, it’ll be Highnukka. And after that it’s Kushmas. Then, it’s game over until Easter… which unfortunately doesn’t fall on 4/20 again this year, because I was really on a roll with these marijuana holiday puns.  Since we’re already all up in the holidays, I’d like to spend the rest of this week sharing new holiday-themed cannabis-infused recipes so we’re not all stuck eating the same ole “special brownies” this year.

Now… I don’t want to sound like a Scrooge McDuck. But every year it seems to get harder and harder to get swept up into the magic of the holiday season. Let’s all get something straight here. American winter holidays are good for three things:

1. Pumpkin Pie Spice
2. The Christmas Tree Smell
3. The license to eat decadent foods morning, noon, and night for an entire month only to whine about this behavior, put yourself on a guilt trip, and fast for the first three days of January before launching yourself back into the holiday cookie tin.


Let’s enjoy it while we can.


Yesterday, I shared one of my favorite cannabis infused appetizers: Artichoke Dip. Today, we’re launching into the main meal with one of my favorite infused sides. This recipe is included with a bunch of other new stuff in Wake & Bake: a cookbook which is on the presses and will be ready to ship out soooon! If you can’t wait for a hard copy, I kicked off Cyber monday a week early so you can download the e-book for 50% off!


marijuana infused mashed potatoes

Herb-N-Herb Roasted Garlic Mashers

One of the best ways to incorporate cannabis into your main meal is in the taters. These Herb-N-Herb Roasted Garlic Mashers pair perfectly with the subtle flavor of cannabis and fit in well with virtually every holiday meal. Plus, they’re uncomplicated and impossible to fudge up.

1. Preheat oven to 425°

2. Cut the top off of:

1 Head Garlic

3. Drizzle garlic with Olive Oil and cover with tinfoil. Bake until fragrant and tender (about 30-40 minutes).

4. In a large stockpot, combine:

2 Pounds of Potatoes

Cold Water (enough to cover potatoes)


5. Bring to a boil and cook until fork tender.

6. Once potatoes are tender and garlic is roasted, remove garlic cloves and smash with a wooden spoon. Drain the potatoes and mash until smooth.

7. In a large mixing bowl, combine:

Mashed Potatoes

Smashed Garlic

1 T Dried Parsley Flakes

1/2-1 tsp Onion Powder (optional)

2 T Green Monster Oil or Infused Walnut Oil

3 T Coconut Oil

1/2-3/4 Cup Almond milk *unsweetened)

8. Mash all ingredients until smooth. Serve warm.

Serves 6 depending on the strength of your oil. Always test your oil before using in recipes and adjust recipe as needed. This recipe contains 6 t doses of marijuana infused oil.

So… What are you all making “special” this holiday season?

Much love,


Cannabliss Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Cannabliss Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Cannabliss Ice Cream

This morning, someone sent me an email asking if I was still “actively blogging.” That was a good question, and it really inspired me to get on my ass and write some sh*t. I’d say that I’m more of a semi-retired blogger these days. I still check my email, but I rarely put on my blogger hat on, and you can bet your ass that I won’t be putting on pants with a zipper for the next week (or ever).

Aren’t you glad I’m back?

I’ve written so many posts in my mind the past few weeks while slaving over some awesome holiday stuff in the kitchen (gingerbread cookies, sweet potato pie truffles, pumpkin/maple bars). And while I didn’t share anything last month,  I’ve been cooking and yoga-ing my ass off to create a bunch of new books and a ton of blog material (maybe I’m more of a blogging ninja monk, hanging out in my cave before coming to whoop some ass)…. Man, there are already so many asses in this post. I guess I’m rusty. Anyone want to look up synonyms for the word ass?

weed food party time

So… that’s what life looked like 2 days ago… and yesterday, I got sick from eating too much candy food… Moderation in everything folks.

Where was I? Oh yeah. I’m making way too many books right now. Want to hear about it? Want to hear about it right now? You wan’t to hear about it later? Want to never hear about it? Too bad.

Spoiler Alert: I’m working on two cookbooks with Mrs. Rita Marley and a cannabis and yoga book called Cannabliss Yoga… All things to be totally stoked about! But today, I’m doing something even more stoke-worthy. I’m coming out of semi-retired blogger glory to share some good/bad news and an INCREDIBLE, EASY and super VERSITILE recipe for homemade coconut milk ice cream (with marijuana or without).

Oh yeah.. About that bad news… I’m a bit past my deadline on going to print on the second edition of Wake & Bake. It’s still only available for pre-order and it won’t be available for a couple more weeks. To anyone who ordered it when I switched over several weeks ago… It’s on its way! And it’s going to be way way WAY iller. Since Wake & Bake 2 won’t be released now, I decided to really really beef up the second edition with a TON of new recipes and advanced tutorials. It’s going to be delightful… But it’s going to take a minute.

So, now that you know that I’ve just been on a book making spree, and that I still love and care about you and your access to healthy and tasty weed food recipes, let’s get to my new favorite thing on this planet.

Vanilla Cannabliss Coconut Milk Ice Cream (with marijuana) 

Frozen Coconut Milk


1. Line an 8X8 inch pan with parchment paper. This is a necessary step. If you don’t line the pan, the coconut milk will be in there until it melts again, and then you’d have to freeze it again, and then you’d have to re-thaw it, and then you’d have to do that until you go… duh… I should use parchment paper. Then line the pan, pour the twice melted coconut milk into it and voila! You’ve completed step 1.
2. Shake up:

2 Cans of Full Fat Coconut Milk (not lite). I sometimes use the Thai Kitchen Organic Unsweetened. I sometimes use another one that I forget the name of.

3. Open and pour the cans of coconut milk into the parchment lined pan.
4. Freeze for a few hours or overnight. Using a knife, cut ¼ chunk of the frozen coconut milk out of the pan. If it got super frozen, leave it out to thaw for a half hour to an hour.
5. In a food processor, combine:

Frozen Coconut Milk Chunk

1/2 t vanilla

1-2 T Maple Syrup

Pinch of Pumpkin Spice/Cinnamon (optional, but shit, it’s fall)

Pinch of Salt

1/2t -1/2 T Cannabis Infused Oil (melted)*

5.a. Stir in optional chunky ingredients (chunks of chocolate/cookies/hot fudge swirl/etc.)
6. Once Smooth, pour into a small glass container. Immediately put in the freezer.
7. Every 10 minutes, stir until it gets firm enough to scoop out (about 30 minutes).

*The potency of your oil is subject to the techniques you use and the quality of your trim/buds. If you use the Easiest Cannanbis Infused Oil recipe, your oil may be less potent than if you decarboxylate your marijuana and add sunflower lecithin to your oil. Always test your dosage by starting low and going slow. When I make oil these days, I start testing at 1/8-1/4 teaspoon. On my last batch, it was purrrdy strong at ¼ Teaspoon. When I first started, I used oils that were good at about ½ Tablespoon-1 Tablespoon. So I know first hand that those variables can completely change your results.

weed ice cream

So… can you see how many possibilities there are with this recipe? I’ve already made a mint cocoa, nanner/nut butter, gingerbread, and… wait for it…

A Cannabliss Ice Cream Latte


Cannabliss Latte in a Pipemug

Behold… The Pipemug: an excellent lifestyle choice brought to you by Zang Products.

Oh yeah. I got my snotty barista on yesterday. And check that sh*t out… There’s nothing better than some homespun coconut ice cream and coffee in a loaded Pipemug. I brought this one to the farmer for his coffee break and he was way nice to me for the rest of the day. I mean, he’s usually very nice, but he was like, waaay nice to me. Plus he stayed up until 3am workin’ hard to support his semi-retired-blogger-wife-to-be. Thanks Pipemug!

coconut ice cream in the food processor


All you do is get to step 5, and scoop the ice cream directly onto a hot cup of coffee or Yerba Mate and sprinkle with (you probably guessed it)… Pumpkin Pie Spice/Cinnamon. Which is optional again, but it’s fall… dammit. Use the Pumpkin Pie Spice now while you can.

Chunky things like cookies probably wouldn’t work in a latte, but organic flavorings like mint or hazelnut would probably be amazing.



While the farmer and I are moving out at the end of the month, and we’re trying to get al of these books out for the holiday season, and it’s harvest time, and we’re busy busy all day… In spite of all that, life has become very sweet. Long days in the kitchen and long weekends with the most playful, intuitive, joyful and intelligent yogi goddesses a woman could ask to be around. Winding down this crazy year in this beautiful place with the farmer, my husband-to-be, my favorite human being on the planet.

Spending the chilly, dry southwestern colorado evenings snugged up next to the person you love (after a summer of pushing the covers onto each other and building pillow barricades for body heat deflection)?

Spending a rainy day catching up on sleep and watching Harry Potter that you scored at library?

Putting pumpkin pie spice in everything?

Yes. Please.

and… Thank you.

Fall is such a beautiful time for slowing down and taking the time to really be grateful for all of the beauty that’s in your world. It’s there. You just have to look at it.

Even though you’re insanely busy. Even though things may not be going perfectly. Even if you overextended the shit out of yourself. Even if you don’t feel so hot, and your tired and you’re ready for a beach in Thailand. Even if you want to sleeeeeep. Take a moment right now to be grateful.

And then eat ice cream.

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